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Born and raised in Prague. Obsessed with stories and words from time immemorial. Learned to read and write at 4, and haven't stopped since.


After four years in Česká Televize, I got my first opportunity in advertising at Scholz & Friends ( S5IVE these days) in Prague. Later on, I moved just around the corner to Kaspen Jung von Matt, and after two years I’ve transferred to Saatchi&Saatchi. Then it was time to embark on a bit of an adventure with the young tigers from YYY Agency, later setting my anchor at the famously colourful VCCP Prague harbour. From there, I moved to McCann Momentum to lead the Komerční banka and new business team and later I became Creative Director there, while also ideamaking for McCann Prague itself and helping out at Planetary Prague from time to time.


Since October 2023 I'm also a member of the board comittee of ADC Czech Republic, where we try to deal with problems and challenges our trade faces these days.

Outside of agency work, I like to help out smaller brands on my own, and I'm always open to discuss exciting projects. So hit me up at


All-in-all, it’s been six amazing years in advertising. You can find what my colleagues think about me on my Linkedin profile.


My free time is filled with books, our cats & dogs, single malt whisky, pipe smoking and the NFL.


My second book "Na Větrově" is in stores right now, if you are in dire need of something to make your table stable.

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